Work with us

The leadership expectations at 2m Pharmacy involved every collaborator, every day and everywhere. They offer a clear idea of what leadership is, at the same time inspiring and motivating everyone to achieve results.

The three crucial phases of hiring, appraisal, training and development of personnel at all levels aims to focus on three essential areas:

  • Values: our beliefs in ethics and business and standards that reflect our work
  • Competences: the abilities and knowledge necessary to focus on the shared objectives
  • Personal qualities: the characteristics and conduct that allow people to achieve at 2m Pharmacy.

For example, selection meetings are carried out on the specific skills of a given role, on the experience of each one, with tailored examples. We then match the working experience of the candidate regardless of the previous activity or education.

This training course aims to focus on the target condition and on the product and on how our products can therefore improve people's quality of life.

Each collaborator is then followed with customised, on-the-job, training plans, with appraisal at the end of the day made together with the trainee. This is to analyse areas of satisfaction and areas for improvement, in order to establish a foundation for successful training. For us this is working in transparency, for us this is being professional. We divide the year into four quarters.

Each quarter involves Conference call sessions, where the employee can make contact with the firm. This allows him or her to gain clarification on new material for example, communicational training, company objectives, or the incentive method for the quarter.

To work and grow with us it is essential to share this view, which we call Vision & Mission.

Our remuneration philosophy is based on meritocracy and is for offering competitive salaries and at the same time rewarding collaborators based on both individual performance and that of the company. The remuneration package includes a very interesting commission based on the percentage of sales generated. The commission is also potentially supplemented with a series of incentives, for example bonuses and benefits, which vary from role to role. This gives employees extra benefits in terms of health, income protection, finance, pensions and holidays.

Given that another of our values is Teamwork, we believe that two plus two can also make five. There is also profit sharing at the end of the year, based on company targets being achieved.

We therefore make two types of appraisal, one Quantitative, based on the sales generated in that territory and another Qualitative, objective, based on feedback provided in the firm on problems and/or opportunities arising during work. It is also based on the appraisal of our managers, development plans that are set together with the collaborator at the beginning of the trading year.

This is because we want a company that is:

  • recognised as reliable
  • a privileged partner in the improvement of the quality of life of patients 
  • an innovative company in the scientific and technological field able to help doctors and medical operators to solve patient    management problems.
  • market leader
  • a beacon employee in terms of satisfaction and career

Growth and development

If you wish to learn, grow and innovate, you can at 2m Pharmacy, by helping to achieve major objectives. If you're interested in medical devices, pharmaceuticals/biotechnologies we will give you the opportunity to explore your professional interest. Our widespread experience of these two areas is unique and it differentiates us from other companies in the healthcare industry.

Our employees are united by the common goal of improving quality of life. And it is this higher purpose that we pursue together as a company.